Who we are


Le Ville is a small complex, set in one of the most special areas of the East Ligurian Riviera: minutes away from Portovenere and the Cinque Terre area, UNESCO World Heritage since 1997  (link: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/826).

The Relais consists in two typical ligurian houses, originally built in the late 1700s, recently renewed, upgraded and refurbished, to be a high quality hotel, with a panoramic view above La Spezia and the renown Gulf of the Poets.
When we first arrived here, the two buildings were quite decrepit, with no vehicle accessible road, and even the basic services were missing, as light, water and sewage. After years and years of dedication, through building a paved road and car parks, in 2007 we completed the renovation of the premises, following the most up-to-date eco-friendly standards.
Today we offer 12 modern luxury rooms, an open air infinity pool, and a wide garden. The only thing that did not change since our first day here, is the unmatched view.

Our environmental commitment

our modern civilization of consumerism, pushes us to do more and more without caring of our “footprint” on the environment. We believe that it is necessary that every one of us makes little and simple choices every day to minimize our impact on the planet.
Our choice, is to offer the best service, minimizing wastage. This goes through a series of features that we would like you to know.

We installed a photovoltaic system that covers more than the 50% of our electric consumption in a year. You can have more details on the screen in the reception. For our rooms’ lighting, we have chosen LED or low consumption lamps, minimizing the electricity spent while keeping the quality of the accommodations. The restaurant, the common areas, and the garden are using the same illumination. In our rooms you will find appliances of the highest ecological class available on the market. One example are the LED Television screens. To reduce wasting of water, we installed aerators on the faucets and showers.


Toiletries provided are produced with a low carbon footprint (Further informations are available in the bathrooms). Our detergents come from a ISO9001 and AISE (sustainable factory) certified producer. Our internal laundry service uses A class or superior washing machines and choses colder wash cycles. We make separate wastes, minimizing the residual waste part. For our restaurant, we choose ingredients, meat, fish and vegetables, from local producers, we make as much as possible our own bread and pastries. We produce our extra virgin olive oil, marmalades, limoncello, with our biological fruits from untreated trees.

Since 2017, we also offer a state of the art charging point for electrical veichles, free to use for all of our guests.