À la carte

Pur à la carte menu is based on two ideas: contemporary cooking and tradition. You will find our choice of meals with three options: Primo incontro (two dishes of choice), Cena all’Italiana (three dishes of choice), Degustazione (a five course chef-guided dinner).

This allows us to put each of our dishes on the same level, from the smaller but more complex appetizers, to the traditional italian first course with homemade pastas, risotto and more, to  main courses that are more focused on the main ingredient, and by this solution we allow our guest to roam a bit out of the classic clichés, often imposing a rigid and senseless order. More than this, you will find the freshest catch and selected beefs, cooked and served the traditional way, by the weight.

Our offer includes seafood, meats and vegetarian dishes. For any allergy, specific dietary needs, it will be enough to inform us in the reservation process, and we will be glad to take care of any request.


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